Gala 2019 Results

Results from the 2019 Portaferry Gala Festival will appear here during Gala Week.

If you have results or pictures from any events please email them to

Congratulations to Caitlin Ritchie, Age 8, St Marys Primary School, Portaferry whose artwork was chosen as the cover of the Gala Programme.

Gala Youth Snapchat OJ Competition

Sunday: Emma & Drew Mageean
Monday: Ethan & Chloe Finlay

Paper Boat Result:
1st – Escampador
2nd – Titanic 2
3rd – Little Rascals
Most Attractive: Portaferry Lifeboat Crew

Thanks to all who took part and our event Sponsor – Watsons Centra.

Answers to Car Treasure Hunt were
1. Joseph Tomelty
2. Pyrotechnics
3. Coulter on house sign
4. sign on date says “Fine for not closing it up to 40 shillings”
5. Music of the Sea
6. Telegraph pole lying in field
7. MAC
8. St. missing from right hand
9. Fairy lights in tree
10. Sirens on pillars
11. Ham, Stock & Port
12. 6 beats
13. Ernest McGee
14. H
15. Hill Crest in window

Tiebreakers – Songs
1. Orange Kings Trousers – Billy Jean
2. Doctors got no clothes – No Scrubs
3. Aggregate of minerals from prison – Jailhouse Rock
4. Sparkly Western Character – Rhinstone Cowboy
5. Cash x3 – Money Money Money
6. Stressed Out – Under Pressure
7. Just before I Get My Bus Pass – When I’m 64
8. The Rat Race – 9 to 5
9. Hold In High Esteem – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
10. No Longer Canine Time – Dog days are over

1st: John Gerard Dorrian
2nd: John Dynes
3rd – Eleanor Coulter

Most Attractive Garden Competition

Best Garden: Norman McKimm
Best Small Garden: Mary Mullan
Best Hanging Basket: Norah McConnell
Best Containers: Gerard Savage
Best Newcomer: Nuala Savage
Judges Choice: Ard Cuan Residents & Staff

Bonnie Babies & Cute Kiddies

6-18 Months
1st: Rosamund McGrattan
2nd: Max Mullen
3rd: Jessica Hepburn
4th: Cora Doran

19months – 3 Years
1st: Kash Mullan
2nd: Leanh Faloona
3rd: Joseph Mawhinney
4th: Cliodhina McMullan

Cute Kiddies

1st: Evie Grace Smyth
2nd: Holly McMaster
3rd: Eilidh McCullough

1st: Cain Crother
2nd: Bobby Quinn
3rd: Dan Boy

Little Flower Of The County Down
1st – Nina Gordon (No.88)
2nd – Darcy Harper (no.68)
3rd – Amelia Prentice (No.84)

Walking Treasure Hunt 2019
1st: The Up and At Ems
2nd: Spotty Unicorns
3rd: Jelly Tots
Best Team Name: The 3 Platypuses
As the top teams were tied on 16 points it came down to timing.

1) Rock Bakery
2) Sign Post Poles
3) Pontonn and Bridge
4) Stained Glass Yacht
5) White House
6) Men Shed
7) Windmill on Door Window
8) Hurling Stick and Ball
9) Street Sign
10) West Highland (Terrier)
11) Pirate and Mermaid Rocks
12) pHARMacy
13) Butcher Pig
14) Ess

Bring Backs
i) 1p
ii) Rubber Band
iii) Litter
iv) Stone
v) pics of 2 Ferry Doors

Portaferry 10 mile Results
1. Stephen Wylie
2. Gareth Lyons
3. Gavin McCaffrey
Details of other results can be found here

Crazy HairDo
1st. Chloe Lennon (Tenticolour The Octopus)
2nd. Ciara Collins (Hot Hair Balloon)
3rd: Julijana Petric (Flower Fairy Garden)


Puppy ( 3 to 6 months)
1. Teddy – owned by Lisa Lemon
2. Ghost – owned by Pete Mckenna
3. Lola – owned by Cora
Reserve: Ozzie – owned by John Wheeler

Adult Dog (6 months to 6 years)
1. Teddy owned by Rebecca
2. Charley owned by Laci Mae
3. Tiny owned by Bella
Commended: Charley owned by Rory

Senior Dog (6 years onwards
1. Jess – owned by Aine
2. Alice – owned by Sydney
3. Bobby – owned by Eva
4. Penny – owned by Emily

Waggiest Tail
1. Lola – owned by Lena
2. Gypsey – owned by Bella
3. Hollie
4. Bobbie

Dog Most LIke Its Owner
1. Buddy owned by Mary Lappin
2. Lily owned by Teresa Doran
3. Bobby

Rescue Dog
1. Susie – owned by Abbey
2. Rocho – owned by Reece
3. Molly – owned by Kate
4. Chip – owned by Chris

Best In Show
1. Jess – owned by Aine
2. Teddy – owned by Lisa