Float Results 2004
1st : The Coach Inn : Around the World in 80 Days
2nd : Fiddler's Green: Through the Wild American West to Fiddler's Saloon
Joint 3rd : McNamara's : Silent Movie Express and Dummigans : Shrek 2

Gala Draw 2004
Strongbow Mountain Bike - Linda Conlan
John Marshall Print 1, Mrs R Milligan
John Marshall Print 2, Paudraig Ellison
Richard Sweeney, Optician, Voucher : .Paul Arthurs

Gala Clue Answer
On the Square, a strange word find
Desert conditions, bear in mind
No heavy clothing, must you don
With what, has Scarlett O'Hara gone.

The Answer was "SIROCCO" (as in desert wind)

Primary School Art Competition Results
Winning entries are on display in the Library,
other entries are available - just ask the staff.
Variety of "boxes" on display in Exploris.

All entries may be claimed by their owners in the library.

Key Stage 1 :

1st : Daryl Milligan, P3, Portaferry Integrated Primary

2nd : Drew Coffee P3, St Patrick's Ballygalget

3rd : Molly McBride, P1 Kirkiston Primary

Key Stage 2 :
1st : Briar Bailie, P6, Kirkistown Primary
Joint 2nd : Alex Shane P5, Kirkistown Primary
Special Prizes, highly recommended :
Kieran Convery, P5, St Mary's, Portaferry
Daniel Mckeeting, P5, Ballygalget Primary
Michelle O'Neil, P7, Ballygalaget Primary
Scott Galloway, P6, Kircubbin Integrated Primary
3D Special PrizesS
Helen Lennon and Bethany Murray, P5, Ballygalget Primary
Seaweed City, by Niamh Mallon, Connor O'neill and Luke Conlon, P5, St Mary's Portaferry
ott Galloway, P6, Kircubbin Integrated

Pub Idol 2004

The 2004 Pub Idol winner was : Rachael Hinds, for pictures click here

Streaky Bacon Extravaganza
Brian Toner's Mobile Butcher's Qualifier
Pig number 1 : Smokey Bacon, Jockey : Crisp Rasher, Owner : Sharon McClements
Arthur Butcher's Qualifier

Pig number 2: Fun Bun, Jockey : CRB, Owner : Catherine Buckle

Hugh Mullan Butcher's Portaferry Qualifier
Pig number 2: Ham Bone, Jockey : Can E Grunt, Owner, Danny McCarthy
Stephen Arthur's Butchers, Kircubbin Qualifier
Pig Number 6: Piglet, Jockey : Poo, Owner : Caroline Mageean
Thomas Duffy and Sons, Mace Strangford, Qualifier
Pig Number 1 : Bratwurst, Jockey : Ava Gaboar, Owner : Dieta Decker
Streaky Bacon Champion

The 2004 Streaky Bacon Winner was
"Fun Bun" ridden by CRB and owned by Catherine Buckle

Car Treasure Hunt
1st Seamus Dorrian
2nd Alistair Higgins
3rd John Dorrian

Primary School Quiz
2004 Joint Winners :
Red Devils
The Sharks

Garden Competition Winners
Best Business
1st : Braniff's Fruit and Veg
Best Pub/Hotel
Coach Inn
Most Attractive Area
1st : John Thompson Park
Best Large Garden
1st : Marcus Lennon
2nd : Sean Lennon
3rd : Mrs Dynes
Best Medium Garden
1st : Mrs Dempster
2nd : Hugh O'Neill
3rd : Daune Allen
Best Small Garden
1st : Patrick Matchett
2nd : G. Savage
3rd : M McConnell

Peter the Vet and Gill's Kennels
Pet Show Results
Section : Cats
1st. Teabag and Snowy Biscuit : Rebecca and Leanne Ross, Prize : Microscope and chocolate
2nd. Monty : Grace Gallagher, Prize : Cat Carrier and chocolate

3rd. Titch : Claire and Helen Lennon , Prize : Feed bowl and chocolate.

Section : Puppies
1st.Fudge : Louise Doherty, Prize : VCR and Burns Puppy Food
2nd. Bonzo : Suzanne Johnson, Prize : 15Kg Burns Puppy Food
3rd. Molly : Beckett Family , Prize : 4Kg Burns Puppy Food
Section : Dogs
1st. Mia : Ashley Gilmore, Prize :Microwave Oven and Burns Dog Food
2nd. Tiger Lily : M. Smyth, Prize : 15Kg Burns Dog Food

3rd. Ben: Miskelly Family, Prize : 4Kg Burns Dog Food

4th. Buffy and Sophie : S. o'Rourke, Prize : Microscope
5th. Emily; Ethan Gilmore, Prize : M & S vouchers
All entrants in the puppy and dog classes recieved a feed bowl and a 2Kg bag of dog food.
Section : Birds
1st. David Kerr : Selection of Bantams, Prize : CD/Radio
2nd . Jack Rice: Birdman, Prize : Chocolate
3rd. Niamh Magee: Spike, Prize : Chocolate
Section : Furry Pets
1st. Darcy with Softie the guinea pig, Prize : microscope
2nd. Catherine with Samuel the g. pig, Prize : microscope
3rd. Carol-Ann with Thumper the rabbit, Prize : feed bowl/chocs
Spot Prize £30 voucher for goods at S. Arthurs Butchers Kircubbin went to
And a big thanks to everyone who entered !

Floral Art Competition
Section 1 : Stagestruck
1st : Elma Mc Dowell : Miss Siagon
2nd : Bernie Hepburn : Lord of the Dance

3rd : Bernie Hepburn : My Fair Lady

Highly Commended : Geraldine Merron: Crossroads
Commended : Jean Kerr : River Dance
Section 2 : Grand Finale
1st : Elma Mc Dowell **Best in Show**
2nd : Jean Kerr
3rd : Dorothy McDowell
Highly Commended : Margaret McGreevy
Commended : Philomena Smith
Section 3: In the Spotlight
1st : Philomena Smith
2nd : Betty Young

3rd : Elma McDowell

Highly Commended : Geraldine Merron
Highly Commended : Jean Kerr
Children's Starstruck
1st : Bronagh Mageean : Annie
2nd : Catherine Dynes : Sound of Music

3rd : Bronagh Mageean : Cinderella

Highly Commended : Gemma Larkin : Puss in Boots
Highly Commended : Beth Moore : Snow White
Commended : Steven Young : Little Shop of Horrors
Commended : Moal Larkin : Wizard of Oz
Commended : Sean Dynes: Fiddler on the Roof
And a big thanks to everyone who entered !
If you would like to try and match the movie to the arrangement, have a look here.

Little Flower
1st Deirbhile Savage
2nd Roisin McCarthy
3rd Kelli-Ann Taggart

Photographic Comp Winners : Magic Moment
1st "New Life" by Donald Elliott
2nd "Double Rainbow" by Paula Kerr
3rd "Special Moment" by Hilary Matthews
4th "Donkey Driver" by David Foster

Walking Treasure Hunt
1st Fionola Mason and Patrice Toner
2nd Conor McMullan
3rd Nora Murray and Jean Byres (The Mad Grannies)

Bonny Babies 6-18 Months
1st Jack Moreland
2nd Aishling Savage
3rd Flynn Tomelty
4th Mellissa Richie
Bonny Babies 18 Months to 3 Years
1st Jack Mageean
2nd Aimee Clint
3rd Hannah Toner
4th Callum Dempster
Cute Kiddies
1st Lauren Taggart
2nd Brenda McGratten
3rd Nicole McShane
4th Jordan McConnell
Best Smile :Emily Dorrian
Best Twirl : Nuala Mageean
Best Wink : Philip Marshall
Best Shoes : Cora Savage
Best Shirt : Philip Miskimmin
Best Dressed : Shania Woods
Best Hat : Chloe Leah McCullough

Portaferry Town Boys Junior Football Results
Saturday July 17th
Section One :
Winners : Ards Youth
Runners Up : Portaferry Town Boys
Section Two :
Winners : Portaferry Town Boys
Runners Up : Ards Youth
Section Three :
Winners : St Mary's Primary School, Ballygalget
Runners Up : Duff Avenue Select

Gerard Braniff Memorial Cup
Portaferry Town Boys U12: 1 : 2 : Celtic Bhoys U12
Best Player Awards
Portaferry : Dillon Conlon
Celtic : Lubo

Pitching of the Sheaf : Senior
1st : John Murray
2nd : Odhran Denvir
3rd : Michael Savage, Damien savage, Hugh Murray and Barry Savage
Pitching of the Sheaf : Junior
1st John Murray
2nd Barry Savage and Hugh Murray
Pitching of the Sheaf : Female
1st Danielle Boyd
2nd Hannah Kelly
3rd Nicky Swain
Fancy Dress : Most Original
1st : Beat the MRSA Super Drug : James, Katey, Laura, Amy and Peadar
2nd : Strangford lough Monster: Roisin, Deirbhia, Chloe, Aoife and Alana
3rd : Lion, Witch and Wardrobe : Bronagh, James and John
4th : How Clean Is Your House: Aimee Wheeler
Fancy Dress : Pretty
1st : Aloha Hula Girl : Mollie Morrison
2nd : Noddy and Friends : Emilie, john, James and Jessica
3rd : Bumble Bee : Ruby White
4th : PortaFairy : Rose Magee
Fancy Dress : Most Amusing
1st : 2 tarts (But not apple) : Emma Jane Byres and Tiarna Dorrian
2nd : "Jordan Price" : Hannah Mullar
3rd : Mild Green Fairy Liquid : Colleen McConnell
4th : Chinese Take Away : Shona Byres
To spot the winners, click here

Teen Idol
1st : Amanda McCullough as Shania Twain
2nd : Holly Fitzsimmons as DJ Sammy
3rd: Kerry Crossy as Dolly Parton
4th: Hannah McMullan as Lulu