So ends Gala Week 2016

We’d like to thank all our sponsors and indeed everyone, who worked so hard to make the Festival such an enjoyable event this year. Plans are well underway for the 50th Birthday next July and as always we welcome feedback from EVERYONE. If you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to contribute in anyway, please do get in touch.  You can fill out the feedback form by clicking here, and all comments are taken on board. We hope our visitors enjoyed the welcome and the events over the week and that we’ll see them again next year. It was fantastic to see some of the older events back in the programme this year and wonderful to see a new generation getting into the Gala Festival spirit. Float Friday night shows just how big a community event the Portaferry Gala is – we hope visitors from our neighbouring towns and villages had a great, relaxed evening and we look forward to seeing you all again next year, thanks again for your support and for making Gala 2016 the event it was.