Donkey Derby July 20th 2017

Please report to the Race Marshall by 2pm

Entrants must be:

Experienced riders (capable of riding without saddle and stirrups) Aged no less than 10 years of age and under 16.

Weigh no more than 51kg (8 stones).

Have and wear their own correctly fitted hard riding hat and suitable clothing.

Have provided their parent's or guardian's written consent set out below.

Provide landline contact number for each entrant to verfiy parental consent, (mobile numbers will NOT be accepted).

Completed entries must be returned by midday on Thursday the 20th July 2017.

***entries submitted after this date or without a valid contact number and permission will be ignored***

To enter online fill in the form below :
(By entering this competition you are agreeing to your child being photographed by Portaferry Gala and any 'photos taken may be used in future Gala Publicity Publications, both online and in print.)


I confirm that has my consent to participate as a jockey in the Portaferry Gala Donkey Derby
and I ,as parent/guardian, confirm that I have read the above fully and that he/she satisfies the criteria, as set out on this form.
I also confirm, yes or no, that he/she will/will not be accompanied throughout the whole time.


Riding is a risk sport and holds a potential danger.

Donkeys can be unpredictable on occasions.

By entering my name above and contact details below, I confirm the rider is sufficiently experienced
and I agree that the rider rides at his or her own risk.
I understand that the rider must obey the instructions of the race marshals
and fully comply with health and safety requirements. I understand Riders take part at their own risk.

The decision of the race marshal to allow the rider to participate is final.


Parent/Guardian's email address:

Child's DOB and Age:

Contact number for You as Parent or Guardian: 

Donkey's Name: 

Donkey's Age: 

Donkey's Owner's Name: